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7 Fun Date Night Activities

Life with The Carneys

February 22, 2019

One of the things Jon and I try to focus on (and fail a lot of the time, to be honest) is making sure we’re scheduling time for just the two of us. Alone. No kids. As you can imagine, having two toddlers makes that rather difficult, as we often weigh the pros and cons of spending money on ourselves and on top of that needing to spend money for a babysitter. Romancing your husband or wife when you have kids is tough business, my friends!

Fun Date Night Activities

So what do we do when we can finally escape head out for a date together?? This sounds so dorky and I’m embarrassedĀ to even type it, but a lot of date nights for us involve dinner at a nice restaurant, where we can dress up in our fancy adult clothes, enjoy adult beverages, and worry only about cutting our own food while we’re enjoying our meal. Some of you might laugh at that, but I know my other parent friends feel me!! After dinner is where we revert back to our non-fancy ways and we often end up at the mall to simply wander in our fancy clothes, looking at shoes, more fancy clothes neither of us would wear to work, and smelling candles. Nothing is better than new Bath and Body Works candles, who’s with me?!

Though we have our own go-to date night experience, Jon and I do love looking for new ways to have fun together, sans kids! Don’t worry though, we make sure to have family game night once a week now and the kids LOVE it!! So here are some fun date night activities you can do with your boo!

Attend a cooking class

I recently saw a friend post on Facebook about taking a macaroon making class and I was instantly #jealous!! Most nights before bed, you can find my son Jackson and I watching Tasty food videos. There’s something so hypnotizing about watching other people make food! Jackson enjoy the dessert videos best and you bet they show homemade macaroon recipes a LOT. So the moral of this story?? Get up off your bed, get out there and make your own macaroons together!!

Dinner and Bowling

Man, do I love bowling!! My siblings and I did a junior league growing up and it was such a fun thing to enjoy together. While we’ve done dinner and bowling on our own, I’m almost ready to cave and let the kiddos join us for this one! I can’t think of anything more entertaining than watching Jackson and Harper attempt to get a bowling ball down the lane – HA!

Surprise Date Night

Jon and I did these a LOT when we were dating!! I was still a senior in college and he lived an hour and a half away during our first year of dating, so we often only saw each other on the weekends. He would call me and tell me that he made plans for Friday or Saturday night, tell me how fancy I should dress, and what time to be ready by. It was so fun to not have to worry about the details and I know we both took it as a challenge to surprise the heck out of each other. My most memorable surprise date night was the one that ended with us being ENGAGED! Hmm…I think a blog post all about that is in order, don’t you?!

Take a Dance Class

I can’t tell you how loooong Jon and I have talked about doing this together. We live close to a Fred Astaire dance school and every time we drive by when we’re running errands, one of us comments on how we need to look into doing classes there. Then life catches up and when we do sneak out for a date night, we’re wondering if it counts as a date if we nap in the car in the mall parking lot together. So maybe when we’re older and the kids have stopped sapping all of out energy, we’ll final make it to those dance classes!

Escape Room

Escape rooms terrify me. It’s the SILLIEST thing to be weirded out by, but I am the girl that planned out her scheduled so she could see the first 4 Saw movies on opening night. Escape rooms remind me of those movies and the last thing I need is visions of THAT in my head while I’m trying to problem-solve my way out of somewhere!! So if you’re not a afraid a scary clown on a tricycle could pop out at any moment, Escape Rooms might be the date night for you!!

Try a Beer Flight

This one’s for all you beer lovers out there! You can search out your local breweries where many serve what they call a “beer flight” – where you can choose a limited number of beer options to try in small quantities, where you can compare taste, aromas, color, and mouthfeel. Building up my coffee tasting chops at Starbucks, this is super intriguing to me and at the top of the list for Jon and I try!

At-Home Fun

Don’t want to worry about spending any dough for your date night?? Then stay home! Throw a good movie on the TV and pull out that 1000 piece puzzle you bought years ago, but haven’t done (wait, is that just us??). And don’t forget the heavily buttered popcorn and fun size Milky Ways!!

I hope this gave you some fun ideas to try for your next date night!! Tell me friend, what is your go-to date night?? I’d love to give it a try!!

Much love friends,

Fun Date Night Activities

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