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3 Tips For Bringing Your Dog To Your Photo Session

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June 10, 2020

My Top Tips For Taking Engagement Photos With Dogs

There is nothing I love to hear more than the question “Do you think it’s okay if we bring our dog for a couple of photos for our engagement session?” Ummm….YES PLEASE!! Gimme all puppy wiggles, tail wags, and kisses! 😍

While it seems just showing up with your dog would be all it takes, there is some planning that needs to go into it! Here are my top 3 tips to prepare yourself and your dog for your photo session:

My number one tip for bringing a dog to your session is to have someone else come along and be in charge of them! Most couples are a little nervous getting in front of the camera and don’t quite know what to expect, we don’t want to add juggling in getting pups to cooperate right off the bat! Have a family member, friend, or dog sitter they love to bring them towards the middle/end of the session so you have the chance to get comfortable in front of the camera first. Then it’s a simple step to add them in towards the end where you’ll all look relaxed and happy!!

I feel like this should go without saying…but make sure your dog is good around strangers. You know them and their temperament better than anyone! If you know they’re likely to be too excited to ever sit and listen no matter how long you give them to get used to the photographer or they’re aggressive towards strangers, it’s best to leave your furry friend at home. I know it’s hard when you have the idea in your mind of including them, but your photographer should never be made to feel uncomfortable by having them there! I had just one experience with an aggressive dog who would growl and snap if I got closer than 10 feet to him or my client. That session did not feel fun, worrying I was going to get bitten the whole time. I changed my policy around safety with pets quickly after that!

Treats, Treats, Treats! Dogs are similar to kids as far as taking pictures: they’re interested for all of three seconds and then they want to run around because NEW PLACE AND PEOPLE AND SMELLS! (okay, maybe not new smells for kids, but you never know 😂). I’m not above bribing surprising with fruit snacks or small, parent-approved treats for kiddos, the same can work for your pup! Bring a bag of their favorite treats I can hold and grab their attention with while you’re posing. We’re almost guaranteed to get a great shot of them looking adorable for the camera! You’ll just have to be okay with them stealing the show in your photos!! 😉

I hope these tips help and you have the most amazing time taking engagement photos with your pup!!

Much love friends,

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