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What To Do If There Is Rain On Your Wedding Day

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March 27, 2019

Decisions, Decisions! Weddings are jam-packed with hundreds of decisions for brides to make to plan their perfect day and my goal is to help make some of those decisions easier! In this series, I’m sharing the best decisions a bride can make before the wedding about different parts of the wedding day timeline¬†to help ensure she has the day she’s been dreaming of!¬†If you’re visiting for the first time, you can catch up on past tips and tricks here:

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You’ve been watching the weather forecast for the last ten days. Hoping, wishing, PRAYING that any sign of rain clears up and it will be clear skies and the sun shining for your big day. Your gut churns as you have to make a final call on moving to a back-up plan for your outdoor ceremony or reception in case the rain does fall. Do we move things indoors? Do we put up a tent? What if the rain ends up not coming and we covered everything for nothing?!

No bride wants it to rain on their wedding day, but it can happen and there is no control over it. Brides often let the fear of bad weather freak them out for 2 weeks leading up to their wedding! That’s a lot of unnecessary worry and stress being added to an already busy season! And here’s a little confession for all my future brides out there…..I prefer it when it is a cloudy day! SAY WHAT?! Hear me out friends! Cloudy days create some of the most beautiful light. The clouds create the best natural softbox to help diffuse the light for dreamy, romantic images. Plus it can help to really enhance the golden hour light for sunset bride and groom portraits, if the sun does decide to peak out. So while rain can be a headache as far as outdoor ceremonies and reception locations, the cloudy weather does really help create gorgeous, wall-worthy images! So today’s post is all about what to do if rain decides it wants to be a guest on your wedding day!

1. Find open, covered space

Covered porches, walkaways, alcoves, courtyards, places with tree cover are perfect spots that offer shelter from the rain but still allow for gorgeous, natural light images. I’m a huge fan of natural light for portraits and I have found that even the smallest locations have spots that can be utilized during drizzly weather. Ask your venue coordinator and/or scope out locations with your photographer for areas that can be used for portraits if there is rain, but won’t sacrifice the light.

2. Incorporate fun props

Is there anything more cozy and romantic than a couple cuddled up under an umbrella as the rain pours down? Clear, round umbrellas are perfect for rainy weather, as they allow plenty of natural light through to illuminate your faces while protecting you from the drizzle. Avoid black umbrellas, as they cause the opposite to happen; creating dark shadows and blocking the sun from hitting your face. Here’s where to get some great clear ones! Colorful rain boots in your wedding colors is another fun way to embrace and prepare for rain on your day. I even wore some cute ones on my own wedding day!

3. Head indoors

If there are no covered outdoor locations and the rain is too intense for umbrellas, the best bet is to move indoors for your portraits. Large windows and bright, white walls will be ideal in this situation, so again check with your venue coordinator on the best options at or near your venue. Make sure to keep your photographer in the loop, as they’ll have to make adjustments or bring extra equipment that may be needed for indoor portraits.

4. Trust Your Photographer!

Your photographer has probably been studying the weather radar more than you have! They’ll know exactly how much time they’ll need to knock out your portraits so if they say “hey, there’s a break in the weather, let’s go out for 10 minutes”…TRUST THEM! I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve had that it’s been 95-100% chance of rain the entire day and we get just a 10 minute break in the rain clouds for me to capture husband and wife portraits. Perfect example is this gorgeous shot of Julie and Mitch from their June 2019 wedding, where God blessed us with 20 minutes of sunshine after a monsoon rain storm that lasted the entire day. Julie and I just kept yelling at each other “I can’t believe the sun is SHINING!!!!”

5. Have a sense of humor

Let’s face it, in every wedding there is going to be something that happens that is completely out of your control. That doesn’t mean it has to ruin your day! Roll with the changes, stay in the moment, and have a blast celebrating marrying your best friend and love of your life! After all, it’ll make for a romantic story to share with your future grandkids!

So whether there’s a little drizzle or a major downpour, I hope you find these tips helpful! And at the end of the day, I bet when you look back on those rainy images, you’ll remember the joy you felt in that moment way more than the weather!

Much love friends,

  1. These are great tips!

  2. Courtney says:

    Such a great way to prepare your brides! (and hopefully keep them from worrying!) I’ll have to add a post about this on mine too!

  3. Deborah Skorupski says:

    Great tips for everyone getting married! You never know!!

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