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Indy Photo Locations For Creatives


March 8, 2021

Indy Photo Locations For Creatives

Indy Photo Locations Ideas For Your Next Branding Shoot

When planning for a brand photoshoot, you want to give yourself time to prepare and be intentional with each part of your plan. Location is key during that! If you have a more urban, upscale vibe to your brand, plopping yourself down in the middle of a field of grass in a flowy, boho dress is bound to give you a headache later on when you try to use your new images. Those photos will likely not be consistent with what you may already have and can lead to frustration you don’t need to deal with! You want to find locations that will serve as a backdrop to showcase your brand in a fun, consistent way!!

There are so many great locations around Indianapolis for taking photos, here are some of my favorite spots that work perfectly for branding photos!!

1. Downtown/Urban Areas

Looking for more of an urban vibe? Mass Ave, Fountain Square, the Canal Walk, and Broad Ripple are just a few of the spots you can choose from! I always recommend using Google to check out some sessions that have been done there before so you get an idea of what the vibe is.

Pro Tip: you’ll find the best results when you search for engagement sessions that have been done there. Obviously you’ll be shooting just for your brand, so look past the couple and pay attention to the location!

2. Outdoor Areas

Want something more outdoorsy? You won’t have to travel far to find great options! There are tons of state and local parks to choose from!

3. Locations that speak to your brand

Have a favorite coffee shop or bookstore you love to visit? How about a hobby that you love to share with your audience? It’s always a fun idea to include these in your branding photos! Just ensure that you reach out to the location you interested in using to make sure you’re allowed to have photos taken there!!

4. Airbnb/Home Studio List

Feel like your living space isn’t up to the task of representing your brand the way you need it to? No problem! There are some great online sites that help photographers and other creatives book homes or studios for rent. Airbnb is also an option for finding cool spaces, just ensure you contact the host so they approve you having a shoot done in their space!

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