Laurel Hall Engagement Session | Cristina + Nick | Courtney Carney Photo

Cristina + Nick | A Laurel Hall Engagement Session

A Summer Engagement Session At Laurel Hall | Indianapolis, IN

I had so much fun meeting Cristina and Nick for a gorgeous evening for their engagement photos at two of my very favorite locations around Indianapolis! We began at Laurel Hall, where Cristina looked like a real-life Disney princess on their grand staircase in her flowy yellow dress. I thought instantly of Beauty and the Beast! (Or Belle & Beast as our kiddos like to call it. Which I definitely called the movie that to Cristina and Nick. Oy, got love that mom life! 🤦🏼‍♀️)  Next we headed over to Newfields, where the gardens are ready for their fall colors!!

Much love friends,


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