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#1 Thing I Do To Get Natural-Looking Photos

Wedding Tips

May 12, 2021

My Best Tip For Taking More Natural Looking Photos

I hear, more often than not, that couples are nervous about having their photos taken. You don’t spend every day in front of the camera, so how would you know what you’re supposed to be doing?! Before even pulling out my camera to start working with my couples, I like to have a little pep talk. Because while you don’t know what to do, I do! And there is one thing I like to tell each of my couples they need to do to get natural images during their session. So what is it?

Pay attention to one another, not me

When getting in front of the camera, people can become so fixated on it. You want to be perfect and not mess anything up! But I have found the way to relax and feel comfortable is to focus on one another instead of me. Smiling, laughing, touching, joking with each other brings puts the fun parts of your relationship on full display!! It’s way more fun and you’ll walk away with natural, authentic photos you’ll truly love!

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