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Wedding Details Your Guests Will Appreciate

Wedding Tips

June 1, 2021

Wedding details your guests will appreciate

The Experience Your Guests Want!

When I’m working with a wedding couple, I strive to make sure they are having the best experience possible. If you’re in the thick of wedding planning right now, it’s safe to say you probably feel the same way about the experience your guests will have on your wedding day!! After all, they’ve taken the time to travel and spend money to attend your big day. You want to take their comfort and enjoyment into consideration!

Here is a look at 4 things your guests will appreciate on your wedding day:

1. Flow of The Day

Your guests don’t want to be left hanging or fending for themselves between the ceremony and reception. While that time between the ceremony and reception is often used for photos (especially if you don’t do a First Look!), you want to make sure that it’s not a huge gap of time. It is also easy for guests to tell when a wedding is not running on schedule. Bring in a wedding planner or day of coordinator to help take care of running the show behind the scenes!

2. The Food

There are so many fun, unique ways couples are incorporating modern foods into their wedding days (I’m looking at you food trucks!).  Oftentimes guests show up to the wedding with an empty stomach so they have room for the delicious food you’re providing. Once the ceremony comes to the end they’re going to be ready to eat! If you have a cocktail hour, make sure you’re opting to include food too so your guests don’t end up hangry by the time they’re served dinner!!

3. Music

A great DJ or live band is a must-have for any wedding day! They are the ones that will be running the flow of the reception and getting people out of their seats to dance the night away. I always notice higher energy and more people out on the dance floor when there is a great DJ or live band who can amp things up!!

4. The Bar

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include the bar! Your guests are here and they are ready to celebrate the night away, the bar is probably going to be the most popular spot at your reception. Brainstorm a signature drink or have open beer and wine, a fun detail your guests will love to partake in!

There you have it, some of the top things your guests will appreciate about your wedding day! Still looking for a fun wedding photographer who’s not afraid to break it down with you on the dance floor? Head to my CONTACT FORM to say hello or drop me an email at!!

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