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Why You Should Print Your Photos & How


February 4, 2020

Why You Should Print Your Photos

Over the years, I’ve seen many family members and friends walk away from a photo session excited about their experience and the images that were captured. After all, they hired a professional photographer, spent hours planning out the right outfits, and countless searches on Google to find the perfect location. It was a fabulous experience that they can’t help but rave about to others. But when it’s all said and done, the images they love so much end up sitting on their computer or buried on a shelf somewhere. Some never see the light of day again!

So raise your hand if you’ve done this and have hundreds of images you have never printed. I’m over here waving my hand through the air with you. I mean, I still have rolls of films (do kids these days even know what rolls of film are?) from family outings and vacations I haven’t had developed! The digital camera and advanced cell phone age is awesome, but it has led to the abundance of memories that just live in our devices instead of out for us to enjoy.

Having rolls of film developed meant by default you went home with physical prints. Some of my favorite childhood memories are perusing through family albums with my Grandma or jogging to the store down the street to turn in my film to be developed. I also spent hours of my youth scotch taping pictures to the wall next to my bed, my rudimentary version of a gallery wall, that was there to cheer me up and remind me of the best memories with my family and friends. After all, our memories weren’t meant to live on hard drives, but out where they can be loved and cherished!!

Why You Should Print Your Photos

So today I’m sharing three easy ways to pull those images off your computer or out of the back of your drawer and display them in your home:

1. Prints

I LOVE the feeling of holding a photograph in my hand and the nostalgia that it carries with it. There is just a special quality a print has that a digital file could never possess. I am a lover of gallery walls, so you’ll find prints anywhere from 4×6, to 8×10, to 16×20 spread throughout our home.

2. Canvas

Canvases are another beautiful way to get those wall-worthy images off your computer and on display in your home. A canvas can be a simple way to display your photos, not to mention decorate a space. They’re one of my favorite decorating solutions, as I don’t have to worry about framing, matting, or storage like with physical prints. We have a gallery wall in our entryway that I love to swap canvases and prints out in. This is the company (Artifact Uprising) I love to use!

3. Digital Canvas

The high-tech cousin to the digital photo frame, digital canvases are the easy solution for those that like to frequently change their art or struggle with picking just one wall-worthy image to display. With a digital canvas from Meural, you can control what images are displayed with their website or from your phone. It’s a fabulous way to bring your art to life!

So before that CD ends up in a drawer, remember to give yourself time to pull those images off. You won’t regret it!

Much love friends,


Why You Should Print Photos

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