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Accessories To Wear For Your Branding Session


June 21, 2021

How To Up Your Style During Your Branding Session

I love variety in photos. When I’m working with branding clients, I want them to get a catalog of images they can use to showcase them and their brand. A fun way to help get that variety is by including fun props and accessories in your session! Now I know not everyone is dressed to the nines each day (I live in yoga pants and a t-shirt most days) but dressing up and styling fun outfits helps boost your confidence in front of the camera!!

Here’s a look at some of the accessories I try to include at every branding session:

1. Hats

Throw some hats into the mix, the bigger the better! I don’t know why, but I always feel a confidence boost when I throw one on!!

2. Jackets/Blazers

Adding in a jacket or blazer can be the perfect way to tie an outfit together. They can help convey the vibe you want clients to get of you and your business plus they’re an added variation for posing!

3. Statement Jewelry

Add a little sparkle to your outfits with some statement jewelry! It always photographs well for photos and the larger-sized pieces can really pop!!

4. Bags/Purses

I love nothing more than finding a big, stylish bag to use! From kids to camera gear to everyday life, chances are I have some kind of bag with me. They’re something fun I like to include in branding sessions, it helps get some variety in how I pose and gives me something to do with my hands!

5. Cute Shoes

I am a suckeerrrrrrrr for cute shoes! Even though I spend most days hanging around my house in slippers, I won’t hesitate to drop some money on a cute pair of shoes if I can find them in my size (I’m looking at you yellow ankle boots I’ve worn once. And it was for a photo session! 😂). All the pairs I buy might not be feasible to wear for wedding days, it gives me a lot of fun dress-up options for doing branding photos!

Interested in a branding photographer in the central Indiana area? I’d love to help!! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or you can learn more about my branding experience by clicking HERE!

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