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4 Fun Ways To Use Your Branding Images


April 19, 2021

4 Creative Ways To Use Branding Images

Tips For Your Branding Images

You’ve passed the hurdles of planning for and executing a branding photo session and now you’re left with months worth of images to showcase the fun, unique aspects of your brand. You’re ready to stand out! But now you may be thinking “How do I get the most out of all these new branding images I have?” Never fear, there are TONS of options! Here are just 4 creative ways you can use your branding photos for your brand.

1. Social Media

Your audience wants to see YOU! Never underestimate the power of showing your face online!! Your new branding images are the perfect way to start showing up more to the people who love to follow you!! I like to use my very favorite image from my branding sessions to set as my profile picture on each of my social media/business accounts. That way no matter where someone may find me, if they scroll through my stuff and end up on another site, it’s easy to tell it’s an account I manage!

2. Website

This is the bread and butter for your branding images. Photos on a website are just as important, if not more so, than the content that you’re sharing on there! You worked hard to get images that positively reflect your brand and they’re what is going to hook people into browsing through your site longer. And browsing means seeing all the great content you have packed into your site and blog!!

3. Advertising

Just like with your website, your branding images chosen for advertising are used as a way to hook people in. We’re constantly inundated with photos and ads all over social media, you really only have 3 seconds to draw someone into clicking. So use your power images to hook people into clicking and learning more!

4. Graphics

There’s more than just your website and social media to think of when using your branding images. I’m talking blog headers, newsletter campaigns, cover photos, brochures, business cards…the list could go on forever! See what I mean about the power of professional, creative photos? Use your branding images across all aspects of your business to keep things consistent and comforting to your audience!

Still looking for a branding photographer in the central Indiana area to get your fun, unique images for your brand? I’d love to help!! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to learn more about my branding experience!

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