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Michigan Wedding Venues I’d Love To Photograph


May 14, 2021

Michigan Wedding Venues I'd Love To Photograph

My Bucket List of Michigan Wedding Venues

As a creative with a camera, it doesn’t take much for a location to catch my eye and make me say “I MUST TAKE PHOTOS HERE!” Heck, I’ll be driving down the highway and constantly come upon groves of trees and fields I’d love to stop and put someone in and start snapping photos. 😂  Living in the Midwest, I can’t help but love that we get to experience all four seasons because it gives me good variety to my images and challenges me to think outside the box!

I love to travel and have had so much fun photographing weddings throughout the Midwest, but my bucket list of locations I would love to photograph is still pretty long! So today I’m sharing some Michigan wedding venues I’d love to photograph! And if you’re a couple getting married at any of these locations, I would LOVE to hear from you!! There might even be a little surprise in it for you for reaching out. 😉

1. Greencrest Manor

If you want a venue that makes you feel like you’re in the French countryside, Greencrest Manor is the venue for you! This European-style venue has lush gardens, cascading ivy, a tree-lined drive, and wrought-iron gates that just scream TAKE PICTURES WITH ME PLEASE!! Greencrest Manor offers an all-inclusive option so you can celebrate the entire weekend at the venue with those people you love the most. Their dedication to a stress-free wedding planning experience is why they’re at the very top of my Michigan bucket list!!

2. Felt Mansion

Growing up in northwest Indiana, I absolutely loved getting to spend time visiting Lake Michigan. Felt Mansion is nestled on 15 acres right along the Lake Michigan shoreline. It has the cutest white chapel, the grand entrance, and a stunning water garden where you can have your ceremony. I think everything about this venue is so picturesque!!

3. Venue3Two

I looooove the mix of classic manor house exterior with modern accents at Venue3Two! Its doesn’t take much to see why Venue3Two is deemed “a beautiful place for any occasion.” The venue boasts an abundance of windows, gorgeous stone facade, and lush green spaces perfect for photos all day long!

4. Aurora Cellars

Aurora Cellars, located in northern Michigan, offers two amazing options for hosting your wedding! There is the beautiful Aurora Cellars terrace, perfect for those couples looking for a more intimate setting. Or there is the grand Aurora Cellars Estate, which can comfortably host up to 300 guests. The Estate sits on two acres and includes a beautiful Victorian farmhouse with an outdoor patio. The vineyard runs parallel along the Estate, I can envision myself taking photos there forever. 😂  My favorite aspect of the Estate though? The majestic willow tree on the pond, a serene spot perfect for a wedding ceremony!

5. Grosse Pointe War Memorial

The long stone drive, the beautiful facade, gorgeous gardens, panoramic lakefront views…what isn’t to love about Grosse Pointe War Memorial?! The War Memorial is another venue featuring a ballroom with floor to ceiling windows, this time overlooking the beautiful Lake St. Clair. The venue is full of character you would expect to see in this type of estate, with rich hardwood floors, hand-carved moldings, and sparkling chandeliers. It’s a must-see for this photographer’s list!!

6. Meadow Brook Hall

Designated a National Historic Landmark, this 110-room mansion is a vintage-inspired wedding dream come true! Carefully preserved throughout the years, Meadow Brook Hall is still home to the original family furnishings and artwork from the late 1920s. I’m dying to photograph all the amazing details there!!

7. Castle Farms

Give me all the castlllllleeesss!!! There are so many options when hosting your wedding at Castle Farms. From elegant garden rooms to dramatic stone rooms, you have the choice to customize your ceremony and reception locations in the spots that reflect the vision of your wedding day!

8. Planterra Conservatory

Somehow, this beautiful conservatory almost didn’t make my list! Say whaaaat?!? Planterra Conservatory is a beautiful garden venue (it’s one of the top 22 in the world!) known for it’s stunning floral design as well as it’s amazing client experience. The glass-enclosed atrium is a versatile space ready to be personalized to any wedding design imaginable!

Booking at any of these venues?? Send me an email at and let’s chat!!


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