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Monday Mashup


October 23, 2017

Whew, what a dreary Monday it is here in Indiana!! With a sinus infection that has decided to sneak up on me and all this rain, it was hard to be motivated to do anything today. It was a definite case of the Mondays for me!

Here’s a look at what we were up to this past week:

  • There was a break in the rain at the end of last week and we were finally able to get our deck painted!! We were a little worried about how well the colors would go with the exterior of our house, but I love how it turned out! Now if we can just find a remedy for all the spiders that like to make their homes on it, we’d have the perfect outdoor living space.
  • Last week was the end of Jon’s spring break, so I took a personal day off of work so we could spend some grown-up time together. I jokingly said we should go see the new IKEA in Fishers and somehow it became a real thing. After dropping off the kids at school, we made the trip up to Fishers, where for some reason I had the delusional thought that it would have calmed down and wouldn’t be oppressively busy. OH HOW WRONG I WAS. It was as bad as what I can only imagine Black Friday shopping must look like, having never adventured out in that craziness. We had a blast walking around and we found some fabulous ideas, namely a new desk I love for our office, but we were one of the few people who walked out without buying anything. Which is a weird feeling, because who really goes to IKEA and doesn’t buy anything?
  • The kids and I just love when my parents can visit! My mom was able to come spend the weekend with us and we took the kids to see Jon’s band perform on Saturday night. Having spent her time as a band mom, I know she had a blast getting to see the Hornet’s amazing show this year and share it with Jackson and Harper.
  • After having a zoo pass for several years now, I was always bummed when our schedules never worked out for us to attend the Indianapolis¬†ZooBoo. After a few last minute shopping trips to get costumes and some alterations to Harper’s dress, we made it to ZooBoo on Sunday night. The kids had fun seeing all their favorite animals, some who were more active than we usually see them when we go in the mornings! Now I’m looking forward to making it to Christmas at the Zoo ūüôā

Monday Mashup | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Courtney Carney Photography

1. My mother ship ¬†2. Fun with Grammy ¬†3. The deck is FINALLY painted! ¬†4. Halloween costume? Check. ¬†5. Made it in time to see the Hornets ¬†6. #daddysband ¬†7. ZooBoo ¬†8. In the jungle…. ¬†9. Gosh, aren’t those kids cute??

Much love friends,

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

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