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Monday Mashup


May 8, 2017

Today has been the worst case of the Mondays. From an alarm that didn’t go off, to getting struck in construction on the way to work, to stopping at the gas station only to set out of my car into a giant puddle of gasoline…..let’s just say I’m happy to be at home with easy access to wine!! I hope your week has started out not quite as exciting as mine. 😉

As always, here’s a list of the learnings/events that transpired last week:

  • Harper is starting to say real words to answer our questions. Jon and I asked her yesterday morning what she’d like for breakfast and she clearly said “Yogurt.” We looked at each other with the same dumbfounded expression on our face, I’m sure
  • Jackson is 3 in less than a month now. I have not planned anything as far as a party. The denial is STRONG for this mommy!!
  • Guuuuuuys. I spent Saturday on a last minute photography booking for a surprise 40th birthday party. I am so glad I said yes!! The Johnsons are awesome and I’m so glad I was able to help make the surprise work! More to come with this later 🙂
  • Jackson is afraid of something he’s calling “Foot.” He can’t describe what Foot is, he only  says it is going to climb into his ear. IT’S CREEPY.

Monday Mashup | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

1. All the flowers!  2. Successfully turned Harper’s changing table into a bookcase  3. My boys <3  4. I can’t get enough of this fuschia plant!  5. Best friends  6. Following the leader  7. It’s not a successful Saturday with a roasted hog!  8. The Johnsons are awesome  9. Yogurt face for days

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