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Planning For Your Branding Session


February 8, 2021

5 Ways To Plan For Your Branding Session

So you’ve determined it’s the time in your business to start investing in brand photography. Congratulations!! You’re about to have so much fun taking your business to the next level with a session that’ll give you unique, authentic content for DAYS!

1. Plan Out Your Content

What goals are you looking to achieve during your branding session? You don’t want to go into your session without a plan for what you need or you might end up without the images you need most! Really think about what you’ll need these images for. Will you be using them for social media, your website, or a course you’ll be launching? All of the above? Knowing what you need beforehand and working with your brand photographer to create a shot list of what you need to capture is essential. This ensures that nothing important is left out! Some ideas that might be included on a shot list are product flatlays, headshot images with room for text, website banners, shots of you working, the tools of your trade…the list is endless!

2. Research Photographers

You’ve decided to do this thing, now it’s time to find someone to help! A lot of creatives feel comfortable shooting and editing images of their products or tools of their trade, but a lot need help when they need to get in front of the camera themselves (me included!). Take time to search on Google for photographers near you that specialize in branding photography. They’ll know the ins and outs of session details as well as props, styling, and ideas for locations. Also look for someone whose personality you would enjoy working with! Feeling comfortable with your photographer goes a long way to help keep nerves and stress down.

Branding Session in Indianapolis

3. Book Hair & Makeup For Your Shoot

I’m all about making things as stress-free as possible. If you’re going to get in front of the camera, enjoy some pampering and schedule someone to do your hair and makeup the day of the shoot. That way all you have to worry about is showing up, hair and makeup will take care of making you look fabulous. I know it’s a confidence boost for me!

4. Scout Locations

Think back to the goals you made for yourself for your session. What vibe do you feel your location needs to match? Are you looking for a lot of neutral colors so you can get a lot of negative space for text in your images? A session in the middle of a state park might not be the best fit. The location is really another element that is going to help tie together the consistency of your images and how you want to present your brand.

Branding Session in Illinois

5. Source Visuals For Inspiration

Get on Pinterest and start pinning! There is sooooo much inspiration on there, it’s easy to find so many great ideas! This is a good way to share your ideas with your branding photographer to help keep things looking cohesive.

Finally, here’s a little SURPRISE for you! Want to include props in your session but have only a few ideas? Here is a FREE guide of 45 prop ideas to include in your next branding session, grab a copy! Props are the perfect way to add more variety and personality to your photos!!

Looking for a branding photographer in the central Indiana area? I’d love to help!! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to learn more about my branding experience. In the meantime, enjoy a peek at my best of 2020 brand sessions!

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