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Tips For Taking Product Photos


May 31, 2021

Tips For Taking Product Photos

What To Look For When Taking Your Own Product Photos

You’ve stepped up your game when it comes to your photos for social media. Hooray!! And while it would be great, monthly branding sessions aren’t always possible to keep up with how your business grows. Especially as a product-based business! So what do you do when you have new products you want to showcase? You capture your own mini shoot, of course!!

Here’s a look at four simple steps to taking product photos on your own:

1. Find The Right Light

Making sure you’re taking your photos in the best light possible is key for great product photos! Set yourself up next to a brightly lit area around your house, such as next to a window, your open garage door, or on your deck in the shade. You want the light to be soft and even on what you will be photographing, so make sure it stays in the shade next to these open areas. You don’t want light from any of these areas shining directly on what you want to capture, this will create unflattering, harsh shadows!

2. Don’t Shoot Into The Light Source

This can also create some unflattering details, like haze! You want to face towards the product you are shooting, parallel to your light source. Don’t be afraid to shift your product or yourself to find the most flattering angle possible.

3. Find Your Focal Point

If you’re shooting more than one product together, you need to figure out which one you want to be the focal point of the photo. Style your products with the main item in the center and build out around it. And don’t be afraid to get closer than you think you should be. This will help minimize excess white space, which draws your eye even more to that main item!

4. Change It Up

Give yourself some options! It doesn’t have to be a one-and-done photo. Try out different angles. Do wide shots then close detail shots. That way you’re Left with a variety of images to choose from!

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