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Why You Shouldn’t Use A Cell Phone During A Wedding

Wedding Tips

April 22, 2020

The Unplugged Wedding

The unplugged ceremony is a hot topic in the wedding world for couples, vendors, and guests. Today I’m sharing the reasons I feel you should not use your cell phone during a wedding!


Chances are if the bride and groom invite you to the wedding you mean a whole heck of a lot to them. You don’t want to miss out on celebrating their special day with them because you’re worried about figuring out how to zoom in on your phone. Don’t you instead what to see that giant grin on the groom’s face when he sees his bride? Maybe a tear or two there too? Or how the bride is simply beaming walking down the aisle? That bear hug she gives her daddy as he hands her off? Taking in the moment has so much more meaning!


They take weeks, sometimes months, to find the photographer that’s right for them! They love their style, their personality, and how they’ll be documenting the day. I think I can speak for all professional photographers when I say we solemnly swear we’re going to strive to capture all the sweet moments during the ceremony and you’ll get to see them! One thing I can’t do is work magic. There is nothing more defeating than having to explain to a couple that you missed their first kiss because Aunt Sue stepped in front of you with their cell phone just to rush to get it on Facebook. It’s hard to wait, but we promise it’ll be worth it! Don’t be an Aunt Sue. PS – sorry to anyone that may have an Aunt Sue. I’m obviously not talking about her, she’s a delight!


What are you going to do with that picture? No, really think about it. Are you going to do more than share it on your social media? Are you going to make it your background on your phone? Frame it to hang in your house? Probably not, right? Do you know who will want to frame or include in an album a picture of the bride and her dad coming down the aisle? The bride and groom. And I can promise you that she won’t want your hand clutching a phone blocking the shot of her walking down the aisle with her father to be included. Looping back to number one, be present, and remember there is more than being the first person to post a special event on social media!


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