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Why You Should Invest In A Wedding Album At Booking

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August 4, 2021

Why You Should Knock Out Your Wedding Album At Booking

We live in the world of fast-paced technology. It’s crazy how quickly it changes! No matter how you use it to backup and protect your wedding photos, there is still the chance that it will fail you. The last thing you want is your most precious moments becoming untouchable in the blink of an eye!

You’re taking a lot of time researching and deciding on a photographer whose style and personality you love. It’s a big investment and you want to leave with photos you can cherish throughout the years. Your photographer will send you a gallery of images to download and you’ll share them all over social media. There are tons of online ways to backup them up, but what other steps are you going to do to protect them?

One tried and true way to make sure your memories are always safe is by ordering a wedding album! This is a tangible item you can pull out and flip through any time the mood strikes to relive your best day ever. There are a lot of options out there for getting an album printed! You might think you’ll put it together and get it printed yourself or put an order in for it later. But let’s be real, after the wedding time will fly by and it will get pushed to the back burner. The “I’ll get to it someday” list. Which if you’re like me, is the black hole list of things that will never get done! 😅 So to keep this important detail out of the black hole, here are four reasons you should purchase a professional wedding album at booking time!!

1. You’ll Save Money

Those who think ahead get the goodies!! Adding a wedding album with your collection is going to get you the best price I offer for wedding albums. Can you add one on later? Absolutely! But those committed to investing in a wedding album at booking will receive a special discount.

2. You’re Guaranteed To Get

Did you know that most couples who bring up wanting a wedding album with me during the planning process or after the wedding never actually get it printed? It goes back to life and how it gets crazy with work, home, kids, and all the other things on your schedule. Adding an album when you first book with me ensures you’ll get in within the first couple of months after your wedding, all without you having to plan or put the effort into making it.

3. Your Wedding Album Will Be Unique To You

As for making it, each wedding album I create is unique to my clients and their amazing day. I’ll create an initial design of the best photos that tell the story of your day before handing it over to you to review. Then you can add, remove, or swap out photos to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Once the design is done and approved, it’s off to the professional printers so they can do their thing!

4. You Get Quality Products Only Available To Photographers

You’ve invested in high-quality images, it’s only fair the album you choose to store them in is the same level of quality. The albums I offer are hand-crafted and designed to stand up to the test of time. Covered in woven linen or leather, each album is made to last through the years, unlike a lot of the online printing companies that are available for clients to create and order their own. The photos are print by a professional printing process onto thick pages that lay flat, so the image you received in your gallery is the image you’ll see in your album. No weird colors and no big gutters in the middle where part of your image disappears into.

There you have it, the best reasons to invest in an album at booking time! I hope this helps give some insight into the album process and if investing is right for you!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer and interested in learning more (and adding an album 😉) about my collections? Click HERE and let’s chat!

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