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When To Wear Your Wedding Veil

Wedding Tips

May 6, 2020

Bride and groom nuzzling as wedding veil floats around them

The Wedding Veil Debate

Today’s post is dedicated to all the brides out there! I’m sharing all about when you should wear your veil on your wedding day! Now you might be thinking “Well Courtney that’s simple, isn’t the veil supposed to be worn all day long?” The answer to that is actually no! Veils, while beautiful and a perfect finishing touch to any bridal look, are delicate and can be cumbersome to deal with for an entire wedding day. Most brides can’t wait to take the off at the first opportunity!

Alright, so when is the best time to wear the veil? Well…it depends! If you’re a couple that has chosen to do a first look together before the ceremony, I recommend waiting to put your veil in until after you’ve seen each other. Here are some reasons why I encourage this:

1. It won’t accidentally get pulled out!

We all know that once you’re in your dress you’re going to knock your groom’s socks off! I’ve seen grooms get so excited to hug their beautiful, soon-to-be wife that the veil gets pulled right out. By waiting to use the veil later, you avoid losing the veil in the middle of your first look pictures and you can focus instead on being in the moment with each other.


Groom nuzzling bride as she laughs over her should and wedding veil

2. There’s a smaller chance of the veil getting torn or dirty before the ceremony.

There’s no worry about getting dirt on it or someone accidentally stepping on it and tearing it. While I make sure to pay extra attention to protecting the veil when it’s in, I have seen these happen!

3. It’s an extra surprise for the groom during the ceremony!

This adds a little something special for your walk down the aisle because he hasn’t seen you in your veil yet! So he gets to ooo and ahhh again over how stunning you look!!

Bride and groom kissing under their wedding veil

4. Who doesn’t love a veil swoop shot?!

Having the veil during your husband and wife sunset portraits allows me to flex my creative muscles and gives you extra variety in your photos! By all means, if it’s bothering you between the ceremony and portrait time, take it out. Just remember to bring it along when we head out for those dreamy sunset portraits! 🙂


Much love friends,


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