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Life With The Carneys

Life with The Carneys

January 4, 2021


Happy New Year, friends! And happy first day back to school for teachers and students!!

If you’re new to Life With the Carneys, click HERE to read the first one before you get started! If you’ve already been wonderful enough to follow along for the Life with the Carneys series fun, welcome back!

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to the last few of weeks:

Jackson was a complete rockstar all throughout his online learning! He woke up excited to start it every day and I lucked out by him being about to do so much of it on his own. It also gave me a better idea of where I can support him where he needs it, which is so nice! And as you can imagine, he’s SO excited to head back to see his teacher tomorrow at school!! I don’t think he really believes me that he gets to truly go back to his school. 😂

We were able to spend a weekend with my SIL’s family before Christmas, it was such a blast! The adults spent 90% of our time playing board games while the kids ran wild playing together. The other 10% we spent eating. 😂

A couple of days after Christmas we got to go see my grandpa and my parents! We had a great time building Legos, eating cookies (my mom and dad make THE best oatmeal raisin cookies!), and watching football. We look forward to seeing them again soon!!

After Christmas, I took a much need social media break and it was wonderful! Not stressing about posting and being present with my family instead of on my phone felt SO GOOD. One of my focuses for 2021 is to be intentional with my time, from the moment I wake up to closing my eyes to go to sleep. I hate that my phone and social media are the first things I gravitate to when I’m bored instead of playing with the kids or relaxing with a book or tv show. So I’ve put limits on my time I’ll be spending on social media apps each day. I feel so good about it and I can’t wait to see how it changes my productivity!!

Much love friends,

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