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Fall in Indiana is so unpredictable. One day you can go from 76 and sunny to the next day being a chilly 52 and rain. Heck, there have been years where we’ve been unlucky enough to go straight from hot summer weather right into freezing cold winter weather. Luckily this year the gorgeous fall colors […]

Madison + Matt | Indianapolis, Indiana Oh my gosh, do I LOVE fall!!! When the cold weather settles in and we batten down the hatches against the cold winter winds, I often wonder why we’ve never packed up all of our junk and moved to where it’s always 75 and sunny. But then falls rolls […]

Is there anything better than an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch for fall family photos? They just scream “FALL IS HERE!!!!” I met up with Emily, Troy, and their two little ones for their Pleasant View Orchard family session on a gorgeous, sunny evening and we had a blast! The boys enjoyed running around, […]

Taylor + Chris | Indianapolis, IN I stepped out onto the sidewalk, bag slung over my shoulder, hands tucked in my pockets. As someone who avoids being late at all costs, I hot-footed it to Monument Circle, where I ended up with time for a stroll around the Circle before our session began. After making […]

Happy Monday, friends!! I really don’t think you are ready for the amount of CUTE that you are about to scroll through!! Seriously….this Rose Well House family session is one for the books!! **INSERT EYE HEART EMOJIS HERE** It is always such a joy for me when I have clients step back in front of […]

Tabitha + Matt | Indianapolis, IN Oh friends, I am SO excited to share Tabitha and Matt’s beautiful Eagle Creek State Park engagement session!! The gorgeous fall colors are starting to come alive, it’s truly my favorite season of the year! Now if only the weather would cooperate and stay out of the 80s, I […]

Zayden | Evansville, IN Happy Friday, friends!! It’s so hard to believe it’s already time to share Zayden’s one year session! It feels like just yesterday he was the sweet little nugget that snoozed his way through his newborn session like a champ. This session we spent some time out in downtown Evansville to soak […]

Julie + Mitch | Noblesville, IN Oh friends……GET READY FOR AN OVERLOAD OF CUTENESS. To say that Julie and Mitch’s downtown Noblesville engagement session is one of my favorites is BEYOND an understatement. When Julie and I started planning their engagement session, she asked if I would be okay with doing part of it at […]

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