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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway | Day 8 | $50 Starbucks Gift Card

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January 1, 2019

Congratulations to JESSICA, the winner of the Day 7 custom wedding painting !! I can’t wait to see what beautiful piece of art Stephanie puts together for you!!! Email me at and I’ll get you two in touch!!

Day 8 – $50 Starbucks Gift Card

Just curious: Where does everyone stand on the subject of New Year’s resolutions? Are you A: pretty lofty, B: optimistically realistic, C: just as likely to set your goals into motion on the 18th of June, because rules are made to be broken? I’ll speak for myself and say I start out as a B, but once busy season kicks in I find myself slipping towards C. It can be hard to keep up and put myself and my goals first, after all! But I’m the type of girl that my back up plans have back up plans, and I know I’m the type to feel daunted when the initial goals seem too distant. Now you! Are you A, B, or C? To enter, leave me a comment below with your answer plus your number one New Year’s resolution for 2019! Winner will be announced tomorrow morning at 8am EST here on the blog as well as over on my Instagram Stories!

BONUS ENTRIES: Like, comment, and share the giveaway post on Facebook and Instagram! And don’t forget the 12 Days hashtag #ccphoto12days! Good luck to all that enter and see you back here tomorrow morning!!!


2019 New Year's Giveaway

  1. Sennu says:

    I don’t really do New Years resolutions, so maybe I’m a C?

  2. Natalie Etter says:

    I am a B. I set some goals for this year, but there have been some years that I didn’t bother because I haven’t followed through to meet them. This year I have actually written them down (using the Notes app on my phone) and I think it will help me stay organized. This year, I have personal life and health goals, financial goals, and household goals.

  3. Holly Lawson says:

    C, and my goal is to consistently weekly meal prep!

  4. Candi Judd says:

    I start as a B but end up a C as well. Lol. This year my goal is to spend more time walking the dog which will make him happy and get me moving!!

  5. Jessica Sweet says:

    My resolution is to save money for my wedding!! I’m usually not great with sticking to my resolutions, but I’m going to work extra hard at this special one!

  6. Eliza Harmon says:

    I’m probably a C because I don’t like the pressure of New Years resolutions plus the gym is so crowded in January! Haha. My resolution recently has been to be more intentional with not buying things which will clutter my home!

  7. Jenny Laundrie says:

    A/B this year I would like to run more 5k’s. The holidays was hard to maintain by usual workout schedule and diet but no excuses now!

  8. Nina Rao says:

    I’m C – but mentally Jan 1 is a good refresh/reset date for those goals 🙂

  9. Cheyenne says:

    C. for sure. I’m a firm believer that goals should be set all year round!

  10. Jenni Cerutti says:

    I am B ! This year I hope to start and keep a healthy workout routine !

  11. Liz Viernes says:

    I’m a B and, amazingly, most of my goals from last year came to fruition which I’m pretty pleased about. This year my number one goal is to set a household budget and for me and my husband to closely adhere to it. I so hope we are successful because our spending is out of control.

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