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Ways To Show Your Personality In Your Branding Photos


July 12, 2021

Personality in Brand Photography

Great Ways To Connect With Your Audience!

Branding photos are the perfect way to grow your business and connect with your audience. Gone are the days of just presenting what your business does, clients want to know all about the person behind the business! They want to know what makes you and your business unique! Here’s a look at 4 fun ways you can show your personality in your branding photos:

Show Behind The Scenes

Being a creative myself, I can say with certainty that my audience looooves when I show them what is going on behind the scenes in my business! People love seeing what tasks you’re working on for your business and gives insight to how you work. It’s a great way for them to be able to envision working with you!

Use props

I love a good prop for branding photos! It’s a simple way to really show off your personality. It can be as easy as using the tools of your trade (a camera, paintbrush, laptop, etc.) or something fun you love or are known for in your business. (Cut to me surrounded by my numerous Friends coffee mugs from clients 😂).

Choose A Location With Meaning

Do you have a favorite spot you love to go to work on your business? Or a special spot you like to take your clients?? Get creative with where you do your photos!

Share your hobbies

What do you do for fun? Share it with your audience! Clients want to feel like they can relate to you as a person, showing what your hobbies are can start some great conversations!!

Ready for photos that connect with your audience?? I’d love to help!! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at or learn more about my branding experience HERE!


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