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2017 Wedding Trends | Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Wedding Trends

March 17, 2017

Trends That Will Makes Your Bridesmaids Standout

I have been quite lucky in my experiences as a bridesmaid that no one has been over-the-top about what we had to wear. No fluffy, taffeta, hoop skirt bridesmaid dresses for me! Thank goodness!! I am absolutely in love with the bridesmaid dresses designers are creating right now. So romantic, bold and beautiful! The incorporation of new fabrics and design details often utilized for bridal gowns has produced some stunning dresses. Let’s take a peek at what trends designers enjoyed using the most!


Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration


Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration


Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration


Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration


Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

I’d love to hear which of these trends is your favorite! I am definitely favoring the…..Past bridesmaids, do you have any horror dresses/stories from your time as an attendant?? Brides, do you wish you’d done anything differently when it came to your bridesmaid dresses??
*These images are not original to Courtney Carney Photography. The original link to each can be found on my Pinterest board Wedding Trends.*

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