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Congratulations to JESSICA SWEET, the winner of our Day 8 Starbucks gift card giveaway!! I hope this helps you stay energized as you kickoff your new goals for 2019!! Day 9 – Couples Photo Session I love love. It’s so cheesy and cliche, but it’s true!! I love being around madly in love people that […]

Congratulations to JESSICA, the winner of the Day 7 custom wedding painting !! I can’t wait to see what beautiful piece of art Stephanie puts together for you!!! Email me at and I’ll get you two in touch!! Day 8 – $50 Starbucks Gift Card Just curious: Where does everyone stand on the subject […]

Congratulations to ELLEN, the winner of our Day 6 -family photo session prize!! I’m so excited we’ll be working together! Email me at and we’ll begin planning for your session!! Day 7 – Custom Wedding Painting Oh friends, I am EXCITED for today’s giveaway prize! Several months ago I stumbled on the trend of […]

Congratulations to all who entered the Day 5 – wedding coordination giveaway!! Email me at to claim your discount and I’ll get you in contact with Allison!! Day 6 – Family Session Tis the season to indulge!! Did you know that most American gain 5 pounds around the holidays?! This statistic isn’t really all […]

Congratulations to JULIE, the winner of our Day 4 – 11×14 canvas wrap giveaway!! Email me at and we can start working to get your canvas wrap printed! I And we can’t forget to post a photo of your canvas at your wedding!! #GoodDayToBeRidgway Day 5 – $100 off Day-of Wedding Coordination Where are […]

Day 4 – 11×14 Canvas Wrap I have always been a proponent of having imaged printed. I remember taking my Kodak camera, snapping away until my roll of film (do kids today even know what this is?!) was done, then riding on my bike to the local drug store to have it processed. Wait…how bad […]

Congratulations to TAYLOR, the winner of our Day 2 Box Fox Sweet Treats gift!! Everything in this gift box looks so tasty, send me an email at to claim your prize and I can get it sent your way!! Day 3 – $300 off a wedding collection What are your favorite songs to celebrate […]

Congratulations to COURTNEY PHILLIPS, the winner of our Day 1 engagement session!! I am so excited we’ll have the chance to hang out and capture such a joyful time in your life! Email me at to claim your prize and we can start planning for your session!!! Day 2 – Box Fox Sweet Treats […]

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