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Creating A Stash of Photography Props


September 20, 2021

You’ve invested in and are dedicated to elevating your brand with fun, unique images. Hooray!! Branding photography shouldn’t be just a one-and-done thing, you want to keep investing in a way that works for you and your budget. And while each branding session will have its own unique needs to meet, there will be key props that showcase you and your business that you will always want to incorporate.

Here are some simple ways to help create a stash of photography props you can use year-round!

1. Pick props that are basic

A good way to start your prop collection is to find those key staple pieces that you would fall back on using throughout the year. Books, planners, dishes, mugs, blankets, florals…there are so many ideas! Neutrals and your brand colors will be key here, that way your photos are looking consistent from session to session!

2. Shop for props that are unique

This is where you can have a little extra fun!! I talk a lot about making sure you’re sharing your personality in your photos, find some props that help show it. These are your hobbies and interests that are unique to you that your audience knows you for!

3. Focus on storage

This isn’t so much on buying photography props as much as making sure they’re accessible for you to use. You’re not going to use every prop during every branding session, so you want to make sure you have a dedicated, organized spot you can pull them from. Think like a retail store and store like together. I sometimes color-code them too, but that’s just my OCD popping out! 😂

There you have it! By following a few simple steps, you can have a stash of props that you can use all year long!! Looking for more in-depth ideas when it comes to props? Click here to download a copy of my FREE guide of 45 prop ideas for your next branding session!!

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