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Lydia + Elliott | A Factory 12 Event Loft Wedding


November 23, 2019

Factory 12 Event Loft Wedding

A Winter Wedding At Factory 12 Event Loft | Columbus, IN

She hiked the tulle of her dress a little higher as we walked down the long gravel drive. As we walked, I asked her how she was feeling and after she let loose one of her bright, tinkling laughs, she said: “I just can’t wait to see him!” He was already in place in the long sliver of shade we’d found on this bright November day. The leaves crunched under our feet as she stepped into her place along that line of shade. As I fluffed her dress I called out to the groom that we were almost ready and that he was going to be floored by how beautiful she looked. They both chuckled and I stepped back into position. She adjusted the bottom of her dress one more time, took a deep breath, then stepped forward and called his name. He turned and I swear, on what was already the brightest of days, his smile made the day glow even brighter as he saw her.

Guys…I have never cried so much on a wedding day, outside of my own, then I did on Lydia and Elliott’s day. Which I find funny because Lydia and Elliot are two of the most upbeat, happiest people I have ever met and I didn’t expect it! But man oh man, these two sure are loved. These two had me tearing up during their first look. Tears were streaming when Lydia took time to do a first look with her dad as well, it was so sweet. (Daddy/daughter stuff gets me every time. EVERY. TIME!) Tears again during some of the most heartfelt speeches I have ever heard at a wedding. And I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house as they exchanged their vows to become man and wife.

Lydia and Elliott, it would be a vast understatement to say I am so happy for you. You are two of the sweetest, funniest, caring people I have met and I can’t wait to cheer you on as you guys continue to do amazing things together! I will be forever grateful you chose me to celebrate this special time in your life with you. And Lydia, now that I know you love Outlander like I do, I expect us to set a date to binge season 5 when it comes out in February!! 😂

Much love friends,

Factory 12 Event Loft Wedding

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