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Natalie + Joe | Fort Harrison State Park Engagement Session

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Fort Harrison State Park Engagement Session

Fort Harrison State Park | Indianapolis, IN

I’ve already had so many amazing sessions this wedding season and I feel like it’s just begun! My most recent was with Natalie and Joe, two of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. We spent a gorgeous spring evening hiking around Fort Harrison State Park, talking about Natalie’s move to Colorado in just a couple of days to continue law school, wedding planning, and we had the most interesting conversations around photography. I LOVE when clients ask me what I’m doing as we go – why am I twisting around in a circle looking at my hand? (To check the light!) What do I need that expo disc for? (To help my colors stay consistent as I shoot!) Learning photography has been such a joy in my life and I absolutely love sharing what I’ve learned with others!! Joe and Natalie even said during one point “You’re really working over there!” There’s certainly a lot more than just pointing and shooting a camera that goes into this whole photography thing, I love that they were excited to ask questions about it! They also surprised me with the sweetest gift, a new coffee mug and candle. Soon I’m going to have a coffee mug collection that is just of cups my clients have given me and I. LOVE. IT!!

Natalie and Joe, I’m beyond grateful I was able to be the one to capture such a special time in your life. Natalie, I’m sending you happy thoughts and best wishes as you begin this next exciting chapter out in Colorado and because you’ll understand – Stay sexy and don’t get murdered! 😉

Much love friends,

Fort Harrison State Park Engagement Session

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