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Monday Mash-Up


March 27, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! I am excited to start this Monday off with a new weekly series I’ll be calling my Monday Mashup. One of my personal goals this year is to slow down and focus on being in the moment, especially with my family. My new job has already begun to help change my mindset from constantly being on the go to turning off work and enjoying every moment I’m with my family. It’s been great!!

So what is this Monday Mashup, you ask??

The simple answer is that it is a glimpse into my everyday. It will be a post recapping what I’m loving, my latest finds, significant moments, work, my mobile photo gallery; just a quick reflection of my life over the last week. I ask my clients to open their homes and their hearts when we work together on their special moments and I want to do the same with all of you! These little mash-ups provide a look into my beautiful, crazy life so that when we do meet in person we’re not complete strangers 🙂 .

Alright, so let’s get to it!! Here’s a look at the learnings/events of last week:

  •  We have entered the fun stage of Jackson telling us no to every. single. thing. Foot stomp and crossing of the arms included. I guess when you’re almost 3, you’re an adult and who gives a hoot about what mom and dad say.
  • I finished up my job shadowing at Butler and started at Franklin on Thursday. So far it has been great!! There is a slightly weird situation in that I have a contract worker through the college who is my assistant manager. She’s not a Follett employee, but I’m still her boss. This doesnt happen very often, so I’m told. Let’s be real though, she’s been here 23 years and I’ve barely been here 3 days, so we have a silent agreement of who’s really running the show right now.
  • Jon is on spring break for two weeks. It’s one time of the year all the household projects we constantly drive each other crazy about are actually worked on.
  • Oh, NCAA tournament…..I had such high hopes of really enjoying myself while watching you. Now with both Purdue and Butler out, you lack any appeal for me. Le sigh.
  • I know it’s been around for awhile, but I recently started using Evernote to help organize my blogging workflow. And I LOVE it. I needed somewhere other than my to-do list (though I do love my Clear app!) to keep track of my ideas and workflow and Evernote’s design is perfect for it. I am finally working ahead in my blogging workflow, instead of plopping down in front of my computer and deciding that day what I want to write about. Yikes, that stresses my OCD heart out just thinking I was doing that!!
  • My dear friend Melissa invited me to a group dinner to celebrate her birthday. As the anti-social queen of the last few years, I was beyond excited! My body, on the other hand, said no way and caught a cold either my kiddos or my co-workers wanted to share with me. So I kept my feverish, stuffy-nosed self at home. Melissa, I promise that we are getting dinner together soon though!
  • Speaking of birthdays, my nephew Sawyer turned TWO yesterday. It blows my mind how old all of our kiddos are already. I wish we were all able to travel to Texas for his birthday party in April, but with my new job we couldn’t make it work. Our goal is to head down there in June though, so I’m looking forward to seeing my sister & her family and planning a first family road trip with our kiddos!!

Monday Mashup | Indianapolis Wedding and Portrait Photographer

1. Harper thinks she’s ready for a big girl bed!  2. So glad I get to dress as a grown-up for work now!!  3. Chillin’  4. Stuck in the 1950s  5. The Napolitan Student Center at Franklin College – where my bookstore is on campus!  6. Love this sign from Target <3  7. Working on some detail shots  8. Lunch time  9. Reading about her Rainbow Kittens

What was your greatest learning or memory from last week?? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!! 

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