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Monday Mashup


June 19, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!! It’s been tough getting out of vacation mode and back into our regular routine. I’ve been feeling exhausted the last couple of days and getting up early for work certainly doesn’t help!

As always, here’s a list of the learnings/events that transpired this past week:

  • Well, we survived another 17 hour car ride, this time during the day. The kids did better than I did, as we had a slight air conditioner glitch and the car was so HOT. My motion sickness was so bad! I haven’t felt that sick since my morning sickness with Harper. My poor family, thank you guys for putting up with me!!
  • I blogged all about our Texas adventures!! The kiddos were in heaven – just wait until you see where we visited! Read all about it HERE!
  • I have jealous mom syndrome so bad right now! With Father’s Day this past Sunday, Jackson and Harper came home last Friday with the CUTEST gifts for Jon! They’re definitely pictures we’ll be displaying in the house, while my Mother’s Day gifts were paper crafts Harper tore to pieces…HA!
  • Jackson had his first real boo boo on Friday. He was running around the tables at school and fell face first into a chair. He’s received lots of TLC and barely seem so to notice it’s there. This Mommy’s hoping with a lot of Neosporin there won’t be a scar!!
  • Harper’s new thing is yelling “Hey!” every time she sees us. It is the cutest!!

Monday Mashup | Courtney Carney Photography | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

What was your favorite adventure from last week?? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!! 🙂

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