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Monday Mashup


June 26, 2017

Happy BIRTHDAY Monday to me!! Today has just been the best day! All the birthday wishes, surprise gifts and a birthday dinner with my favorite people in the whole world make this whole turning 30 thing not too shabby 🙂

As always, here’s a list of the learnings/events that transpired this past week:

Here’s a look at the events/learnings from this past week:

  • I am really trying to be one of those parents who have the strength to not be embarrassed when their kid throws a tantrum in public. To just let them go and express themselves. But when Harper starts screaming like a tea kettle at full steam, my patience flies right out the window. Because I’m sorry, there is nothing worse than strangers staring at you WHILE you’re toddler is screaming bloody murder.
  • I spent the first part of last week at a leadership conference for my job at the bookstore. Although it was rough being away from the kids, it was GREAT! You all know I am a shy introvert, so I was completely surprised at how comfortable I was meeting so many nice, genuine people. I was a networking champ!
  • I am forever showing Jon ideas on Pinterest I’d love to adapt for our home. For two years I have been showing him this tutorial for building flower beds around our back deck. Guys…..he spent all last week building them while I was away so he could surprise me with them. Did I mention he built them from SCRATCH?? On his own?! I love how they’ve turned out and can’t wait to the next step of painting them and filling them with flowers!

Monday Mashup | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer
What was your favorite memory from last week??

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