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Monday Mashup


May 1, 2017

It has been quite the cloudy, rainy week here in Indianapolis!! It makes me want to simply snuggle up under my covers and watching movies all day long. And by movies, I really mean “Twister.” I feel the strongest urge to watch it whenever it rains. Every single time!! Weird, I know. I have always loved a good thunderstorm and who DOESN’T love Bill Paxton?! It’s really a win-win. But any who…..onto this week’s Monday Mashup!

Here’s a list of the learnings/events that transpired this past week:

  • Jackson talks all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Never ends. He’ll ask me a question, which I will promptly answer. Then he goes on a litany of asking the same question 100 more times like I didn’t answer it. How do most parents not spend 100% of their time bash their heads on something during this stage??
  • Jackson turns 3 in ONE MONTH. BACK OFF FACEBOOK MEMORIES! I…..can’t even. Excuse me while I go sob in the corner.
  • I find myself at times just staring at Harper. She is that beautiful stage where she is becoming her own person and I am loving every minute. More crying….where’s my wine?!
  • Jon and I were able to plant even more flowers around the house. I love them so much! I find myself just wandering to each window box to stare at them. What is it with me just staring at things?? I sound like the biggest creeper!!
  • We also bought a rhododendron for one of our mulch beds in the front that still needs some loving….I wish the rain would go away so we could get it in the ground!
  • I headed back to Butler at the end of this week for more training time. Boy, did I miss their shenanigans!! They finish up a few weeks earlier than Franklin does, so I was lucky enough to be there to celebrate the amazing seniors that graduate in the next couple of weeks!

Mom Life is the Best Life

1. Fuchsia plant = GORGEOUS!  2. Early morning readings  3. Beautiful Yarrow  4. I love their love for each other <3  5. LOL!  6. Blackberry face  7. Jackson bought his first hat  8. Love this beautiful shade of geranium  9. Chef Jackson hard at work!

What was your greatest learning or memory from last week? The first 5 people to leave a comment below of their favorite memory and their email earn a special surprise!! 😉

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