5 Ideas For Photography Props For Branding Session

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5 Branding Session Prop Ideas


February 22, 2021

Photography Props For Your Next Branding Session

Using props during your branding session takes your photos to the next level! There are so many great items you can include to help tell the story of your brand. So if you’re in the planning stages of your next branding shoot, check out five prop brainstorming ideas down below!

I think to make the photos true to you and your brand, you should be including both items that relate to your business as well as everyday items you love. Including fun items to enhance your photos also makes your brand more relatable to your audience too!

  1. The items you need to do all aspects of your job
  2. What you enjoy to eat and drink
  3. Your favorite hobbies
  4. What you do for your morning/bedtime routine
  5. Locations you like to hang out (this helps when finding locations!)

There are endless ideas of props you can use for your session, take time to brainstorm all the items you use every day and what is a fun representation of your job!

Want more ideas? Grab a copy of my FREE guide of 45 prop ideas for your next branding session!!

Looking for a branding photographer in the central Indiana area? I’d love to help!! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to learn more about my branding experience. In the meantime, enjoy a peek at my best of 2020 brand sessions!

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