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May 25, 2020

While there are SO many amazing aspects of running my own business, one of the sad truths is business ownership can be a lonely endeavor. When I first started out, I had the idea in my head that I needed to be an expert on everything, had to do everything on my own, to look and feel successful. Boy, I learned quickly I couldn’t have been more wrong! I don’t know about you, but studying tax law is NOT my idea of a good time. So once I figured out it takes a village to put together a couple’s special day, I started reaching out to say hello! One of my favorite ways to get to know new wedding vendors is to sit down and chat over coffee. While that’s not possible right now, I’ll take my cup of coffee and enjoy some virtual chatting instead!!

So in this Vendor Spotlight series, I’ll spend some time introducing you to the amazing vendors in the wedding industry I am lucky enough to call a part of my community. It’s the perfect way to brag on them plus it gives me the chance to provide my current and future couples with details to help build the vendor team of their dreams!

Indianapolis Wedding Calligrapher | The Lettering Grove

I love the inspiration I can find from following other creatives on social media. One thing that I find mesmerizing is calligraphy. I could watch behind the scenes of it for hours on end! That is how I met Sam and fell in love with her calligraphy work. Now we’re both just hoping one day soon we get to work on a wedding together!!

Tell me about your business! How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I am a wedding calligrapher and hand letterer. I primarily create wedding signage, place cards, and address envelopes. I started calligraphy as a hobby after a surgery in 2017 and decided to start an instagram to keep track of my progress and not spam my personal account. My first wedding was because a planner reached out to me and asked if I could create place cards for her. I hesitated but decided to just go for it and it was such a fun experience I started lean my instagram towards the wedding industry. (Plus I loved creating everything for my own wedding, so weddings just felt natural for me).

What do you love about wedding calligraphy?

Wedding calligraphy brings an element of elegance to a wedding. To me, it makes all the details feel complete and cohesive. I enjoy that what I do brings everything together and can be both beautiful and functional. But on the creation side and working with couples, I love helping the couple bring their vision to light. Though I am a small piece of the puzzle, getting to know a couple and creating elements for their wedding and reception is so much fun for me. When I get to deliver it to the couple and see their reaction it warms my heart. It is such a lovely industry to be in and it is so full of love that each wedding is just as exciting as the last.

What should couples know about your process and about working with you?

My process is rather simple. I first would love to meet up for coffee or chat over a drink to see your ideas and start to write down everything that is needed. If not, a phone call will definitely work, but I definitely prefer to hear everything out in conversation and not just email. Once I get all the couples ideas put together I will create a quote with everything and I will start on designs. All my designs will be emailed to the couple for approval before I will start to create anything. Once all designs are approved I will create everything for the couple and will either meet up with them before the wedding day to collect their products from me or I will deliver it to their venue on their wedding day (if in the central IN area).

What is your favorite part about working with couples as they plan their special day?

My favorite part of working with couples is hearing all of their wedding ideas. Everyone has such a unique way to planning their wedding and it shows you their true personalities. I typically don’t get to spend as much time with a couple as a planner, venue, or photographer, but the short amount of time I do get I love learning about them. I typically ask everyone how they got engaged or met and each story is definitely their own. It’s like watching a love story over and over again.

Invitation suite by Indianapolis wedding calligrapher The Lettering Grove

How early should couples reach out to book you to ensure you’re available for their wedding day?

It definitely depends on what a couple needs done for their wedding:

For envelope addressing you would want to reach out about 2 months before you need to mail your envelopes. I typically tell couples 8 to 10 months before wedding date for Save the Dates and 3 to 4 months before wedding date for invitations.

For Place Cards or Escort Cards I recommend about a month before the date you need them by.

For Wedding Signage I recommend at least 2 months before the wedding date. If you needed any customization of anything (ie. wedding hangers, wine glasses, etc) I would recommend about a 3 to 4 weeks before the date you need them.

For the whole shabang I would say definitely reach out 4 to 6 months before.

In my book, you can’t order from me too soon. I would rather be contacted sooner than later. I often get couples that reach out to me a week or two before the date they need something hoping I can create something for them. Though I do my best to help as many couples as I can, if I have another job that I need to get done in that same time frame I may not be able to help the last minute clients.

What is one piece of advice you would give to couples for their wedding day?

One piece of advice for your wedding day is to slow down and don’t feel rushed. Have someone else be in charge of your timeline and enjoy your day with family and friends. Also take the time to sit with your significant other to eat the cake. You may have a lot of people to say hi to but a moment to eat the cake is definitely deserved!

Invitation suite by Indianapolis wedding calligrapher The Lettering Grove

If you don’t follow Sam already, head over to her Instagram or Facebook to learn more about her and stay up to date on her work!

Much love friends,

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