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Why You Should Invest in Your Dream Wedding Photographer

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Why you should invest in your dream wedding photographer

4 Reasons to Invest In Your Dream Wedding Photographer

Alright friends, let’s get real for a moment. Planning a wedding, one of the most exciting days of your life, is HARD. The stress of setting a budget, deciding on each detail, and researching vendors can stress out even the most laid-back of couples. What percentage of our budget should go to flowers? What silhouette do I want for my wedding dress? Should we serve fancy appetizers?? Should we have a few extra hours for the bar?! (Always a yes, for those wondering 😉 ). The list never seems to end!

So here you are, first steps in and looking to book those first key vendors for your day. Your venue, a wedding planner, a wedding photographer…these vendors are so important to book first as they’ll lead the way in setting the foundation of your day so it can be just the way you envision it. This is why I believe it’s SO important to invest in hiring your dream photographer to capture your day!

One of the biggest regrets for couples is not investing enough in their wedding photos. They look back wishing they’d dedicated more of their budget to a better experience. And with your photos being the only thing you leave your wedding with (besides your new spouse, of course!), that makes total sense!

Before my husband Jon and I were even engaged we knew exactly who we wanted to shoot our wedding. Because of the amazing experience she gave to our family and friends, we knew we would do anything to have her as a part of our day. We finagled every other item down to the penny so she worked within our budget. Regardless of everything else, there was no question we were going with our dream photographer no matter the cost!!

Here are a few reasons I think you should invest in your dream photographer:

1. They are committed to you and your day.

A photographer is guaranteed to be there for your big day, no questions asked. Oh, you want the photographer there from 6 am-11 pm? No problem! Is that friend or guest really going to be committed to photographing the entire day? Guests become distracted and the friend with a camera might not realize the impact and responsibility that comes with photographing a wedding. They might want to relax and have fun once the reception begins. Photographers work seamlessly throughout your entire wedding day, helping to coordinate and keep things on the right track.

2. The day is going to run more smoothly

I believe there’s nothing more important than hiring someone you truly LIKE to photograph your wedding. A photographer that gets what is important to you and is genuinely excited to bring your wedding vision to life. You’re going to spend more time on your wedding day with your photographer than your soon-to-be spouse, so making sure your personalities are a perfect fit is key. Your photographer is going to have a big role in your day, you want them leading you and your wedding party effortlessly through the day. Because there is nothing more awkward than a group of people standing around that don’t know what to do next.  You want to count on someone who can get everyone laughing and feeling natural in front of the camera so they can have a good time taking photos. AKA – one less thing for you to worry about!

3. They will be prepared

I cannot emphasize this one enough! If you’ve hired an experienced professional, they’re going to be ready for any situation that comes their way. Trust me, they’ve seen it all! They’re going to know how to flex and adjust for any situation so your day is still captured beautifully in the way you’d expect from them. Rain in the forecast all day? They already came prepared with a backup plan so you’re getting photos consistent with their work. Strange family dynamics? Chances are they asked you about this well in advance so they know how to handle and avoid any awkwardness during family photos.

 4. They’re there to support you

A professional understands and has experience with the raw emotions that are a part of a wedding day. They will know when you need a tissue, how to calm frantic nerves, and can be the best go-between to help solve any issues that may arise. I can’t tell you how many times the needle and thread I keep in my emergency kit has swooped in to save the day! My goal is to keep brides as calm and stress-free as possible so they can truly enjoy this amazing experience.

So, long story short…..research and invest in a photographer that will invest in YOU. You’ll be so glad you did!

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