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6 Pretty Little Wedding Details For Your Big Day

Wedding Tips

April 10, 2019

Wedding Details For Your Big Day

When you start wedding planning, everyone knows there are large, general details that all couples know to knock out right away. Finding a venue, booking a photographer, reserving a caterer…but what about once all those details have been completed?? What the heck do you do next?! Today’s post focuses on some pretty little details I love to see couples use to help make their wedding day uniquely them!

1. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Your girlfriends have been pumped since you said YES, but wow them when you pop the question to those besties with a custom bridesmaids proposal box. Box Fox, Box and Bow, and so many more shops have adorable, customizable collections that will be a gift sure to be remembered.

2. Ring Boxes

Until I became a wedding photographer, I had no clue just how much I absolutely LOVED ring boxes!! If my bank account would allow it, I’d have one in every single color imaginable!! The Mrs Box has set the standard pretty high with their lush, velvet boxes, though I also love my oval boxes from Amonie Rings. Ring boxes are definitely the perfect must-have detail for any ring shot!

Wedding Details For Your Big Day

3. Personalized Wax Seal

Take your invitations to the next level and invest in a personalized wax seal. It’s a small, yet stunning detail that helps make your invitation suite even MORE uniquely you! Plus, once your wedding is over, you can still enjoy the heck out using it for your everyday correspondence!! #dopeoplestillhavepenpals?

4. Vow Books

Ditch the wrinkled folded paper for your handwritten vows and invest in a set of vow books. Not only will they be better protected and less easy to lose, but they’re also a tangible detail you can cherish forever. How fun would it be to pull these back out at your 10 or 20-year anniversary to read together?!

5. Extra Flowers

Okay, this may be more for your photographer than for you, but have your florist give you some extra flowers to style your wedding details with. It helps keep your detail photos looking cohesive and gives your photographer the opportunity to get creative. No cookie-cutter detail photos around here!

6. Personalized Drinkware

Champagne flutes, wine cups, beer mugs…there’s no limit to the fun you can have with personalized drinkware!! This is a great gift to include for your bridal party in their gifts!

What is the cutest pretty little wedding detail you’ve ever seen?? I’d love to hear!

Much love friends,

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