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March 22, 2019

There’s nothing more I love than when we have family visit!! My brother and sister-in-law have the fun tradition of coming down to Indy each March for the Indianapolis Supercross. This year was no different and I was happy they asked me if I could watch my little nephew while they enjoyed some adult time. People often ask Jon and I if we want or are going to have a third kiddo. I figured this would be the perfect test drive for how I’d feel taking care of three littles. I’m happy to say, we all survived. And we’re still on the “probably not” side of the fence for that third kiddo – HA!!

Jon ended up heading up to Kokomo to judge for an ISSMA event, so it was really me flying solo. Sweet baby Gauge is one and has a little bit separation anxiety from his mommy and daddy, so I was nervous I wouldn’t be enough comfort for him. I mean, it was his first sleepover away from mom and dad!! There was an abundance of tears, lots of running around, and a load of snuggles needed, but we had such a great time have baby Gauge stay with us. We’re looking forward to a repeat next year!!

I did have my secret weapon…Jackson: THE BABY WHISPERER. Jackson has always been the only person, no matter what, that can calm Harper down when she’s crying just by talking to her. She used to have crying fits as an infant and if I couldn’t soothe her, I’d ask Jackson to. He’d always tell her “It’s okay sissy,” and she’d instantly stop crying. Apparently that magic spell extends to other kiddos as well. Gauge was upset when he realized mommy and daddy were truly gone, so I asked Jackson to help, not expecting much. It definitely worked though! He’s truly a baby whisperer!! And he did tell me he’s ready for another baby brother or sister LOL!!

Much love friends,

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