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March 28, 2019

If you have spent any time perusing my website or scrolling through my social media, you know that I am an avid bookworm. I am a big fan of the romance and thriller genres, but having a thriving business means there are a lot of amazing business titles mixed in there too! There’s nothing more peaceful to me than curling up on the couch under a blanket, cup of coffee at my elbow, and a good book in my hands. OR taking that good book outside to lounge in the sun with a frozen margarita. Heck, I can’t think of a place I haven’t brought a book along in my bag/purse/pocket just in case I had the downtime to crack it open!

So you’re reading this and saying “Ok Courtney, we get it, you like to read…but why are you telling us this?!” I’m glad you asked, friend! This month I’m kicking off a new series call On My Nightstand, where I’ll be sharing the titles I’m currently enjoying! And I’m always looking for new titles to cuddle up and read, so I’d love to know down in the comments what you’re enjoying right now too!! So let’s dive right into March’s list!!

Nora Roberts “Shelter in Place”

No reading list of mine could or would start with any other author but Nora Roberts.  She is, hands down, my favorite author ever. EVER. Besides being an amazing writer that instantly draws me in with her complex storylines and completely relatable characters, she is also a witty, sarcastic lady just like me. She is the first author I read in the romance genre and I’ve been hooked on her ever since! And if you haven’t heard her stance on the #CopyPasteCris crisis, you’re missing out! Hop over to her Facebook page or her blog to follow her updates. No one messes with Queen Nora!!!

J.D. Robb “Connections in Death”

The In Death series speaks to my true crime addiction, as it falls into the suspense category. Plus it’s written by my bestie Nora, under her pseudonym J.D. Robb. Set as a police procedural, it follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she fights crime throughout NYC and delves into her complex relationship with her billionaire husband Roarke. With almost 50 titles in the series, it’s hard not to be invested in the characters and their stories and Connections  certainly delivers!!

Rachel Hollis “Girl, Wash Your Face”

If I had known how hysterical and relatable this book was going to be, I would have nabbed it the day it came out instead of waiting for Christmas to roll around! Being brave enough to share your mistakes and bad experiences with the world to help others makes you pretty fricking awesome in my book!! The self-deprecating humor helps too. It is written in a style I love the most, as if you’re talking to your bestie. I flew right through it in one sitting for that very reason! I’m excited to see Rachel’s next title “Girl, Stop Apologizing” has hit the shelves. I’ll be snatching that one up, STAT!!

So there’s a look at what is currently on my nightstand!! Tell me friend, what titles are YOU loving right now??

  1. Courtney – this is such an awesome idea, thanks for sharing your new reads! I have been a book lover my whole life and have a big stack that needs attention right next to he bed! Happy reading!

  2. Love this series!! Just “read” Girl wash your face on audible and loved it!! Definitely want to read it again 😊

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