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Preparing Your Guy For Your Photoshoot

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March 16, 2021

How To Get Your Groom Ready For Photos

Most men are less than excited when it comes time to step in front of the camera to have photos done. They’d rather be doing almost anything else! I’ve received many an email from anxious brides worrying about how their groom may feel when it comes to getting pictures done. But the good news is, it really can be a fun experience for both of you! If you ask most guys why they feel so reluctant to do it, it often leads back to not knowing what to expect or a bad experience in the past. One of the things I focus a lot on with each of my couples is educating and guiding them each time they’re in front of the camera. This way they can feel confident because they know how I shoot and what to expect when we’re working together!

The best way to prep your man is to sit down and tell him why this is important to you. Because while taking photos might not be his favorite thing, YOU are!

Here are a few things you didn’t know that can help your groom know what to expect when it’s time for our photos together:

1. Show him some of my work

Sit down together and scroll through some blog posts of my past work. Share with him what you love about it! This is going to give him an idea of how we’ll be spending our time during photos.

2. Arrive early!

This one’s an important one! I tell couples to arrive at least 10 minutes early to where we’ve chosen to meet to start the session. Nothing is worse (and more awkward!) than a couple running late. Chances are you’ll be bickering about it in the car, which doesn’t leave you guys in the best moods for romantic photos together. Arriving early means you have those extra moments to touch up or finish getting your outfits and hair done.

3. Lower your expectations

Ladies, this one is for YOU. You live with your guy and know more about him than anyone else. If he’s not overly emotional or lovey-dovey, you can’t expect him to do a complete 180 and be that way during your photos. I promise during the session we’ll get fun, romantic photos that are true to the two of you!

Want to know even more ways to enjoy your photo session?? Visit HERE for some ideas you might now have thought of for getting the most out of your photos!

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