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Life With The Carneys

Life with The Carneys

May 1, 2020


Happy Friday, friends! What fun plans do you have for the weekend at home?!

If you’re new to Life With the Carneys, click HERE to read the first one before you get started! If you’ve already been wonderful enough to follow along for the Life with the Carneys series fun, welcome back!

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to the last couple of weeks:

With our schedule last spring/summer I didn’t end up finding the time to get our garden started. That was not the case this year! I love to pre-sprout our seeds to give them a good go at flourishing once they’re outside. The kids and I had a fun afternoon labeling, planting, and watering our seeds to start growing. After weeks of waiting for them to grow big enough, we saw our last night of frost here in the Midwest and got them planted outside!

I think now, more than ever, couples are committed to the importance of having wedding photos they can cherish forever. I shared on the blog my top reasons you shouldn’t use your cell phone during a wedding, so the bride and groom can have just that. Trust me when I say, they’ll love you for it!!

Anyone else need help to stop clicking “add to cart” on their favorite sites? Having both sides of the coin of I have a bunch to do versus I have nothing to do during this quarantine, I have found myself sucked into browsing alllll the websites for goodies. Not every day, mind you, but enough that I need to have cleanse to get away from the temptation (I’m looking at you Old Navy super cash). This week on the blog I shared five of my favorite online boutiques I love to send my couples and families to find inspiration for their photo sessions!

Jon has been joking that no cabinet has been left behind during our long list of home improvements we’ve been doing. And he’s not wrong! We’ve officially said goodbye to all the dark brown cabinets we had throughout the house. Each room now has it’s own updated color palette and I can say with 100% certainty I love every single one! We’re waiting for a few more things before sharing the final look of the master bath, but here’s a little sneak peek!!

And to go with that, here’s a look at the finished guest bathroom!!

The only boy around this house I’m comfortable cutting his hair (I mean, there are only two) got a trim last weekend. The last time I cut it I went rogue and messed it up to the point that we had to part his hair on the other side to cover it. So after letting it grow extra long, I went back to cutting it with the method I picked up from my own stylist (shout out to Courtney at Wildflowers!) and that bad cut way officially behind us. Although Jackson did remind me as we got started not to mess it up LOL. I can’t get over how handsome he is! And goofy, based on that second photo. 😂

Much love friends,

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