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Monday Mashup


June 5, 2017

Happy Monday!! This week’s Monday Mashup is a little more low key, as our family of four plus my parents prepare to pack up and head out on our first road trip. Texas here we come!! And hopefully we all make it in one piece 🙂

As always, here’s a list of the learnings/events that transpired this past week:

  • Well, it’s official. We have a three year old. It is so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that Jackson is three. We were so lucky to celebrate on Monday with family and Jackson had the best time partying with his friends at school too!
  • Speaking of that three year old…..he came home early last week and out of nowhere starting reciting his numbers to us…in Spanish! This is totally one of those braggy mom moments, but it blew me away! The kid is just so dang smart. Now Jon learned Spanish during school and I did French. So as not to be outdone, I started teaching him numbers in French that same night 😉
  • Jon has just been a monster when it comes to the landscaping around the house this year. When he gets on a roll, there’s no stopping him! Well, unless we run out of money!! 😉 This last week he tackled one of the hardest jobs we knew needed to be done. The previous owners overgrew EVERYTHING and we had ivy in abundance on one side of the house. It was so dense on one side the house, it was choking out one of our evergreens and starting to grow into our crawl space. No thanks! Jon tore it all out and now it’s on to deciding whether to mulch out another bed or not.
  • I began an amazing business marketing program with another husband and wife photography team I love to follow, Justin and  Mary. I’m so excited to see how this can help me take my business to the next level!!
  • I had my very first Fresh 48 session last week and I have to say I am in LOVE!! Miss Guinevere was an angel and I can’t wait to capture her newborn images. Check back soon for a look at that session on the blog!

Monday Mashup | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

1. Bookworms like mom  2. Corn  3. GoodBYE crazy ivy!  4. Shopping for shoes is tough  5. Doh. <3  6. Fabulous flamingos  7. Old lady watering her flowers  8. Jackson is loving The Tooth Book right now  9.  Harper looks like a miniature adult here. Whaaat?!

What are you looking forward to most this week?? I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

Until next time!!

Indianapolis Wedding & Portrait Photographer


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