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Happy Monday friends! The cooler weather we’ve had over the last few days has me dreaming of fall!! Cozy sweaters, salted caramel hot chocolates and all things pumpkin…I would never wish summer away, but the break from the relentless heat has been invigorating. I can’t wait for more!!!

Here’s a look at what we were up to this past week:

  • Jon received a summons for jury duty a couple of weeks ago, scheduled for his first week back to school. Because why wouldn’t it be?? We thought the week was going to pass without him needing to go in, but he was called in on Thursday. We were both up in the air on whether we wanted him to serve, but he was picked as a juror. He luckily had a one day deal, that while it had its frustrations, he thoroughly enjoyed it. You hear that Marion County? Don’t call on me, call on Jon again!! K? Thanks.
  • The backyard is really coming together!! Jon worked his butt off tearing down and resetting the second side of the paver patio in just three days! Some rain that moved in in the middle of the process had Jon worried he was going to have to start over, but the rain held off at just the right time for him to get it done. Next, it’s time to finish the flowers boxes and have everything painted!!
  • *Bonus Sunday home improvement project: We dodged more rain so Jon was able to replace our old, rusted-out street lamp. It was well past its prime and hideous too.¬†I love the way the new one looks!
  • With all our travels, it had been awhile since we’d visited the Indy Zoo. We took advantage of Saturday’s nice weather and spent the morning visiting our “friends,” as Jackson calls them. I don’t know if it was due to the break in the heat, but this trip was the liveliest I’ve ever seen so many of the animals. The new pavilion opened since the last time we’d been there and it is a beauty! I joked with Jon we should do a vow renewal there! He told me no way….we’re going to Italy for something like that. SOLD! #10yearvowrenewalgoals

Monday Mashup | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer | Courtney Carney Photography

1. Not too bad a spot for coloring¬†2. Jackson wanted to find Nemo. I say that’s a success ¬†3. Self reflection 4. All about the tigers 5. Baby! 6. What elephants? 7. He liked it for all of two seconds 8. First dinner on the deck! 9. Supervisor Jackson

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