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Monday Mashup


October 2, 2017

What a busy, busy week last week. Doctor appointments, football games, weekend of photo sessions and a marching competition have left Jon and I extra tired today, but boy it was worth it!

Here’s a look at what we were up to this past week:

  • Alright friends, which of you watched the premiere of the revival of Will & Grace?! It has always been one of my favorite shows and I’m nervous about checking it out. We all know sometimes these reboots don’t always do justice to the original…, is it worth checking out??
  • If you love to shoot, I cannot say enough about how amazing Amy & Jordan are for photography education! I have always been a blog follower, but several months back I invested in their amazing Posing Course and it has seriously changed the way I shoot! Posing has always been a challenge for me, so improving on it has been a big goal for myself this year. Last month when they announced their brand new business course, I just knew I HAD to invest. I’m so excited to dig in and see how else my business can transform for the better!!
  • We had a Blue & Gold Day at Franklin for this week’s football and it certainly helped! The Grizzlies secured a W with something like a 61-19 victory. Way to #GoGriz!!
  • I had a weekend full of portrait sessions and I am looking forward to diving into editing them! One session had me traveling for my first visit to Fort Harrison State Park on the northeast side of Indianapolis. The park is full of several gorgeous hiking/biking trails, I wish we had something like it closer to use down here on the south side. I’d love to have a spot like that to take the kiddos to let them run free! It’s a spot that I hope to definitely shoot in again 🙂

1. Lazy evening after a good day  2. Sassy legs  3. #Confirmed!  4. Bedtime snuggles  5. Always watching  6. Outside!  7. Enthralled with the live-action Beauty and the Beast  8. Making his favorite recipe from Grammy  9. Fish lips

Much love friends,

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

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