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Wedding Details Your Guests Aren’t Worried About

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June 16, 2021

Wedding Details Guests Aren't Worried About

Your Guests Won’t Notice If You Skip These!

When I’m working with a wedding couple, I strive to make sure they are having the best experience possible. If you’re in the thick of wedding planning right now, it’s safe to say you probably feel the same way about the experience your guests will have on your wedding day!! After all, they’ve taken the time to travel and spend money to attend your big day. You want to take their comfort and enjoyment into consideration!

Last week I share the details your guests truly care about when it comes to your wedding. Today let’s go over some of the details your guests are okay with you skipping on your wedding day:

1. Programs

Save some money in your budget and opt-out of printing individual programs for your guests. They’ll likely miss or ignore them coming into the ceremony and then you’re left with a printed stack of papers you no longer need. Instead, hire a calligrapher to do a nice sign of the ceremony order that you can place near the flow of guest traffic as they are coming in for the ceremony.

2. Favors

Favors are another sweet way to show how much you appreciate your guests coming to care with you. So keep them sweet! Offer cookies, candy, or salty snacks your guests can enjoy as a midnight snack. Most will pass on taking home a monogrammed favor from your day. It’s best to keep it simple!

3. Bouquet/Garter Toss

These are a few traditions that feel as old as time. If you’re not a fan of these reception activities, your guests aren’t going to hate it if you skip them. They might actually love not being singled out as a single person!! Instead, find some fun alternatives like gifting your bouquet to the couple who’s been married the longest, have a dance-off or open the dance floor early for everyone to start jamming the night away!

There you have it, some of the details you can choose to skip on your wedding day without disappointing your guests! Still looking for a fun wedding photographer who’s not afraid to break it down with you on the dance floor? Head to my CONTACT FORM to say hello or drop me an email at!!

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