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Allison Mansion at Riverdale Wedding


June 28, 2018

Emily + Dustin | Indianapolis, IN

His back was turned. His hands were folded. He took a shaky breath as I told him that his future wife was just around the corner, beaming and overflowing with excitement to see him. He smiled and tears started to gather in his eyes. “I’m just so ready to see her.” I told him my last minute notes – don’t rush, enjoy each other, and soak in this moment that is all about you.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his beaming bride, slowly inching forward, just as anxious to share this moment with her soon-to-be husband. I dashed to my spot so they could enjoy this, just the two of them, like they dreamed it would be. She took those first steps towards their moment. And called his name. He turned. Their eyes connected. The expressions on their faces said more than words every could. His tears, her happiness, mixed together in a moment that was simply magical. Only a few people in the world were able to be there for this moment, and I am so honored that I was one of them.

Emily and Dustin, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me be the one to capture your last moments as an engaged couple and your first moments as husband and wife. You are two of the most genuine, caring people I know. One doesn’t have to look far to see where it comes from. Your families and friends made me feel like one of the family, like I belonged, from the moment I arrived to the dressing room. Your sweet smiles and kind hearts were out in full force for your day and I feel beyond blessed to have celebrated this time with you. I know you’re climbing mountains and exploring majestic cities, but when you sit down at the end of today’s adventures, I hope these images take you back, just for a moment, to when you became Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Lots of love to you both and I look forward to seeing where this new journey takes you!!

Much love friends,

Wedding at the Allison Mansion at Riverdale

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