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Go-To Poses For Branding Images


June 28, 2021

Posing for branding images

Fun Poses For Your Branding Images

You’re working on planning out your dream branding session! After going through all the steps on how to plan for your session, you’re ready to start brainstorming your shot list! It’s so important to have at least a general idea of the images you need to have captured, so you’re getting photos you can use exactly where you need to! You’ll come across so many ideas as you look for inspiration (hello, Pinterest!), but here are a few universal poses I try to capture at each branding session!

1. On A Laptop

If you’re anything like me, a good portion of time running your business is spent behind your computer screen. Let your clients see that! There are so many great poses you can do standing or sitting with your laptop!!

2. Your Creative Process

Your clients follow you because they love what you do. Show them your creative side and what sets you apart!! I have found my clients love nothing more than when I share behind the scenes with them well, except for maybe photos/videos of my kids 😂).

3. Writing in a Notebook or Planner

Another detail that goes hand in hand with running your own business! I often coach clients to really plan or brainstorm ideas while I photograph them with a notebook or planner. I know I love a good brain dump when I can get it!

4. A Classic Headshot

People connect first through the eyes. You can’t leave any branding session without a good variety of classic headshots with you smiling directly at the camera!

5. Working with a client

Part of what makes you unique is the experience you give clients in your business. I love when creatives want to include working with a client during their branding session! It’s that fun, over-the-shoulder view that gives clients the chance to envision themselves working with you!

Ready to up your game with fun, authentic images for your brand? I’d love to help!! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or learn more about my branding experience HERE!

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