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How To Have Consistent Wedding Day Details

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June 22, 2021

How To Have Wedding Details That Flow

Seamless Wedding Details

When I arrive on a wedding day, the first thing I do is photograph bridal details (after hellos and hugs, of course! ☺️). You’re going to spend months planning each and every detail, it’s only fair they get a chance to shine in your photos! They’re part of the story of your day and your wedding gallery wouldn’t be complete without them in there!!

Because each detail you choose helps to set the stage for your wedding, it’s important to think of how all of the details are going to flow throughout the day. My goal as a photographer is to tell a cohesive story of your day so that when your photos come together, they are a consistent representation of your wedding! The colors, theme, and design elements you choose all have a hand in whether things flow seamlessly or not.

The number one thing you want to do is stick to one color scheme! You’ll have both your bridal details (think your flowers, invitations, bridesmaids dresses) and your reception details (your centerpieces, decor, linens) to focus on keeping in line with the colors you’ve chosen. So early in your planning process, nail down the color scheme you want and look at each of your details through that lens. And stick to those few colors! You wouldn’t think changing the tone of your table linens would matter because it’s the only one that the venue may have. However, it’s the quickest way to add a detail that may make your details clash!! So don’t be afraid to shopping around if something ends up not being consistent with the colors you’ve chosen. This is especially important for neutrals, as you don’t want extra colors floating around that through off the cohesion of your wedding design. For example, you don’t want one of your wedding colors to be white and then settle on cream linens at the venue. It’s going to instantly throw things off in your photos!!

Keep this idea in mind and you’ll love how much this pulls together your design and makes everything flow! You’ll end up with photos that are clean, consistent, and look like they come from the same wedding. It makes such a difference!

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