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Life With The Carneys

Life with The Carneys

May 15, 2020


Happy Friday, friends! What fun plans do you have for the weekend at home?!

If you’re new to Life With the Carneys, click HERE to read the first one before you get started! If you’ve already been wonderful enough to follow along for the Life with the Carneys series fun, welcome back!

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to the last couple of weeks:

It was finally warm enough that we could complete some work outside! We have a long list of projects for outside too, the first of which was finally filling the planter boxes Jon built around our deck. It’s been two years in the making and I’m so excited to finally see at least dirt in them! They need to be repainted too (we don’t think the painters we hired used outdoor paint), but we’ll take getting flowers in there for right now! The kids were big helpers too getting the mulch out around the yard!

I miss my friends. Thank goodness we have technology that allows us to see each other virtually…but it’s just not the same! I was lucky enough last week before my first engagement session this spring (yay photographers being able to work outdoors again!) to meet up beforehand with my photog bestie Abbie. At responsible social distance, of course. But man it was good to see her!

Speaking of that first engagement session this spring…WOW Miranda and Alex’s engagement session was amazing! I won’t lie, I might have swooned a little after seeing their outfits. I mean, look at them!

Harper wrapped up online learning last week. The amount of relief I feel about that is overwhelming. As a four-year-old, she was definitely not about it.

What she is all about right now? Tangled! It’s our new favorite Disney movie around here right now and I won’t complain about it. It’s such an underrated Disney movie! There’s a fierce discussion amongst the adults in the house that it’s better than Frozen. Thoughts, friends?

I feel very fortunate that I will be continuing to work with each of my amazing couples, regardless of the chaos COVID-19 has brought. One of my sweet couples asked me along to celebrate with them during their intimate ceremony last weekend. It was a beautiful day and I can’t wait to celebrate again with them next year!

Much love friends,

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