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Monday Mashup


May 15, 2017

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope all the moms out there were able to kiss on their babies, young and old. I was lucky enough to have the unexpected pleasure of spending the weekend with my mom and what a good time it was!! Seeing how much my babies love their Grammy makes my heart so full and long for the days of cuddles with my grandmas. <3

As always, here’s a list of the learnings/events that transpired this past week:

  • Last May, Jackson’s cousin Joe was so sweet and gifted him an old bicycle that he had outgrown. It was still a little too big for Jackson to really start learning how to ride and, to be dead honest, I was not ready to jump that hurdle of my big boy growing up yet and riding his own bike! The last month or so he has been asking a lot, so we started shopping for a helmet to protect him. After a few disappointing excursions to find one he liked, Jon stumbled on a Dory helmet. And the rest is history!
  • I am the laundry queen at home. I throw in a load, plug some earphones in and away I go to fold the plethora of laundry we all amazingly accumulate. Seriously, I don’t get where it all comes from. But I am completely anal about folding and how I hang things and have always wanted a folding board….must those OCD tendencies of mine ;). Wellllll, we use folding boards at the bookstore and I. Am. Obsessed. I would plot some way for it to end up coming home with me by “accident,” but I know it will solidify Jon never helping me with the laundry! Seriously, he doesn’t like to try and even hang my stuff up, he’s afraid to “do it wrong.” Whatever that means…..
  • Harper is at such a fun stage! She’s starting to really focusing on saying new words. It is so fun to watch her process and put her little mind to work. I find her staring at Jackson a lot and watching what he is doing and mimicking it.
  • As a self-taught photographer, I am constantly scouring the internet for new information to educate myself. I fell down the photography education wormhole awhile ago and stumbled upon an ADORABLE husband and wife team, Amy & Jordan. They do the most beauuuutiful work and are such simple, straightforward educators. Comes from being teachers in their previous jobs, I’m sure!! They have really helped me step up my game! I bit the bullet and just enrolled in their brand new posing course, I cannot wait to see how this challenges me and helps me to grow!

Monday Mashup | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

1. Only Jackson can push Harper  2. Harper has decided no more highchairs for her  3. This girl and her faces!!  4. FaceTime with Grammy!!  5. PURE JOY  6. Bicycle riding with our new helmet!  7. Jackson picked this beautiful hummingbird for the garden  8. Out to dinner for Mother’s Day  9. My baby girl <3

 What was your greatest learning or memory from last week? The first 5 people to leave a comment below of their favorite memory and their email earn a special surprise!! 😉

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