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Reasons You Should Hire A Brand Photographer


May 10, 2021

Building a business means you’ve got a lot on your plate. And that’s a great thing!! But when your business starts to grow (hooray!) and your schedule becomes full, some things inevitably fall to the wayside. One thing that took me a few years to learn in business? That I don’t have to do everything myself and can outsource work that needs to get done for my business. What moved quickly to the top of that list? Branding photos! And once I made the move to having someone else do business photos for me, it was a game changer!

Here a just a few reasons it might be time to outsource and hire a branding photographer for your business:

1. Your schedule leaves you no time to take your own photos

Every entrepreneur’s dream! Your business is doing great and your schedule is full of doing what you love for your clients. But it can leave you little downtime to do updates for yourself! Hiring a brand photographer makes you slow down, plan it out, and get something worked into your busy schedule. That way it doesn’t consistently get pushed the the back-burner!

2. You’re investing in your brand and website

You’re investing in a brand new website to help elevate your brand. Cell phone photos edited in an app just won’t cut it anymore! Investing in a brand photographer as well during the design process of your website means you can get images that are cohesive with the new brand design.

3. Stick with what you know

This goes back to what I was saying about not doing everything myself! Not interested in learning what goes into taking professional photos at home? Stick with what you know and outsource to a branding photographer!!

4. You want to raise your prices

Think about when you’re looking online to buy something. The first thing we look for is are there photos of it! Is the photo blurry? Too dark?? Missing photos all together? When things I’m looking to buy can’t be bothered to have decent photos to show me, I’m going to move right on past it to the next one available. Even if it’s more expensive! It’s the same thing when you’re promoting a service-based business. They want to see you and your products/services!

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