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Julie + Mitch | A Bright, Romantic Sycamore Winery Wedding


June 26, 2019

Blush, Navy Sycamore Winery Wedding | Terre Haute, IN

I’ve been dreaming of Julie and Mitch’s wedding day since their llama-filled engagement session last October!! That sounds like such a creeper thing to say, but when your bride 1. lets you photograph her llamas for a photo shoot and 2. says she’s going to incorporate it into their wedding decor, you basically become a walking heart eye emoji! I only wish her sweet llamas had been able to come and celebrate with us! Although weddings have a crazy enough amount of details to deal with besides adding that into the mix!!

Julie and Mitch’s day started like so many other weddings and engagement sessions I’ve had this year…me obsessing over the weather forecast. I packed up my car and drove to Terre Haute with a 95% chance of rain slated for most of the day. I won’t lie, I was nervous we wouldn’t get Julie and Mitch the amazing sunset portraits we all wanted! I drove to the beautiful Sycamore Winery with a pit in my stomach. But when I went in to the venue (which is seriously my new favorite venue, it’s so gorgeous!), the first person I ran into was Julie herself, beaming like a ray of sunshine, not a care in the world. As she sipped on her wine slushie, we walked through the reception and gushed over how beautiful everything had turned out. Their blush, navy and rose gold colors reminded me so much of the colors Jon and I had for our special day! The rain continued, but not a single person let it phase us and once the ceremony was over and we came back to the winery for portraits, the rain cleared right out and we had bright, clear gorgeous sunset photos!! *SWOON*

Julie and Mitch, you guys know how much I love you and how grateful I am I was able to be there to celebrate the start of your marriage. I pray you guys continue to have the awesome love and support that you had surrounding you on your special day as you build your family together!!! And know that you now own the record for my biggest blog post EVER!

Much love friends,

Blush, Navy, Rose Gold Sycamore Winery Wedding

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